TEI has extensive experience over a broad range of projects. While we don’t do everything for everyone, we perform an extensive amount of different functions to satisfy many varying needs for our clients. A partial list of our capabilities and their descriptions is located on this page to give insight about us. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we most likely have done it, or know how to get it done.


Every project seems to have its share of changes. While we work very hard to limit any excursions from the base, it is important to properly evaluate those that survive the elimination process. Changes must be evaluated on the direct cost and direct schedule impacts. Equally important is the evaluation of the indirect consequences on cost and schedule. Often these are subtle, yet extensive. The cumulative result is sometimes overlooked. TEI’s extensive experience in change evaluation affords the project owner the necessary information about direct and indirect change influence to make proper decisions concerning approval or denial of changes.